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Why your child has Physical Education

What is the only subject in school that engages a child’s mind, body, and spirit, promotes their physical and emotional health, helps them to learn better and cultivates the character they need to become productive students and adults? Answer: Physical Education Of the many subjects children study in school, there may be none more important… Read more »

Learning Character Education in P.E. Class

There isn’t a more natural setting in the educational system for promoting character education than that of the physical education “classroom”. A high quality Physical Education program can teach many values (such as fairness, respect, courtesy, and kindness) through play activities. Students can also learn to be selfless, take turns, be honest, and cooperate with… Read more »

Studies show kids in PE continue healthy habits

At a time when American children are increasingly absorbed in their screens and one-third are overweight, the need for robust physical education is vital. The federal government updated its recommendations for physical activity for the first time in 10 years. The guidelines now include recommendations for children as young as age 3, and advise a minimum of 60 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous… Read more »