Partner Jumping Jacks

Title: Partner Jumping Jacks
Suggested Grade Level: 3rd – 5th
Video Length: 1:24
Description: This is a partner challenge. Partners must perform 70 jumping jacks in unison (while counting) in 60 seconds. Students must count out loud as they complete this task. They can face each other, stand behind each other or stand side by side. They can be as far apart as they want from each other. The kids must be in unison throughout the challenge or they must start over. They must touch their own fingertips at the top of each jumping jack. If they don’t complete 70 jumping jacks using the proper form, they must start again.

P.E.Gang Club House

To be a member of the P.E. Gang students have to complete the P.E. Gang workbook for their grade level. Students have to be asked by their teacher and follow the P.E. Gang motto, which states: I promise to always play fair, work together and encourage others.