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2023 Spring Reading & Fitness CHALLENGE

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Dear Parents,

Children should use summer vacation as a time to stay
active both physically and mentally. Studies have
shown that children who continue to read during the
summer perform better academically in the fall. To
encourage children and thier parents to exercise both
their mind and body during the summer months, we
have created a Summer Fitness and Reading Chaenge.

The Summer Fitness and Reading Challenge is open
to all students from kindergarten through 5th grade.
Each child must read at least 30 minutes for 50 days,
and perform as many physical activities as they wish.
We are also encouraging all family members to
participtate in the challenge. The different physical
activities are assigned varying point values, which
count toward each student’s score.

Mark the enclosed calendar for each day in June,
July and August that you and your child read together
and exercise. If the child reads each day for 30
minutes, he or she will check that day.


For each day the child exercises, they will mark the
coordinating letter(s) for the activity or activities
performed from the list.

We also ask that the parents initial each day’s entry
and total up all the points for activities done.

Please check out our facebook page and a link to
the pegang website. The facebook page will provide
stories that promote character, along with a monthly
fitness calendar.

Join The Challenge

“We pledge to read together for at least 30 minutes for 50 days and exercise during the
months of June, July and August. For each day we read together we will mark the
attached calendar with a checkmark (x). For each day we exercise together we will mark
the corresponding letter in that day‛s box. I will also have my parents initial each day that
reading and exercise are done.”





G. Soccer 10pts
H. Jump Rope 10pts
I. Hopscotch 10 pts

Parents Initials: ________


A. Yardwork 5pts
G. Basketball 10pts
M. Karate 10 pts

Parents Initials: ________


Q. Jogging 10pts
F. Bike Riding 10pts
G. Baseball 10 pts

Parents Initials: ________


S. Push Ups 10pts
S. Sit Ups 10pts
K. Dancing 10 pts

Parents Initials: ________


V. Hiking 10pts
B. Yardwork 5pts
A. Swingset 5pts

Parents Initials: ________


Q. Jogging 10pts
F. Bike Riding 10pts
J. Tag 10pts

Parents Initials: ________


K. Dancing 10pts
B. Yardwork 5 pts
H. Jump Rope 10pts

Parents Initials: ________

Weekly Total

190 points

P.E. Gang superhero 2023 Spring Challenge


any number over 150 points

P.E. Gang outstandinglevel 2023 Spring Challenge


100 to 145 points

P.E. Gang goodlevel 2023 Spring Challenge


50 to 95

P.E. Gang littlemore 2023 Spring Challenge


0 to 45 points

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