Why Your Child Has P.E.

Quality physical education programs, can enhance all aspects of development. By gaining early success in the basic physical skills and concepts, your children will feel better about their ability to participate in recreational activities; be more successful if they choose to compete in youth sports leagues; and find it easier to accept themselves and to be accepted by their peers as they move through school and adult years. Their success in physical education impacts their success in school! Physical education is vital in the developing positive attitudes toward regular physical activity, knowledge about how to exercise properly and skills necessary to live an active lifestyle. Research indicates that regular physical activity not only improves your quality of life but it also improves your health. Unfortunately our children are in the worst physical condition they have ever been in. This is due to the increased popularity of computer games, bad eating habits and lack of physical activity. We must help our children develop healthy lifestyles behaviors and habits early and encourage them to continue through adulthood. Daily physical education plays a significant role in the promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Best Tips To Stay Active P.E.Gang Club House

To be a member of the P.E. Gang students have to complete the P.E. Gang workbook for their grade level. Students have to be asked by their teacher and follow the P.E. Gang motto, which states: I promise to always play fair, work together and encourage others.
P.E. Gang clubhouse Why Your Child Has P.E.