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Hey there, it’s me Samantha. All my friends call me “Slammin Sammie” because my favorite sport is volleyball. Mr. Fitter taught us the underhand serve, the forearm pass and how to set the ball. We started with balloons first and then we used beach balls to help us keep ball in the air. After that, we started using real volleyballs.

Mr. Fitter teaches us how to be respectful people. He shows us how to be respectful through his own actions. We learned how to listen to what other people say, and not to argue with our classmates. We also learned how to be courteous and polite.

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To be a member of the P.E. Gang students have to complete the P.E. Gang workbook for their grade level. Students have to be asked by their teacher and follow the P.E. Gang motto, which states: I promise to always play fair, work together and encourage others.
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