Nutrition Tips for Grown - ups

Set a good example. Model the healthy behavior you would like to see in your child. Make healthy choices for yourself, including eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Children need to eat small meals on a regular schedule — breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus healthy snacks in the morning and afternoon. Take healthy snacks with you when you’re on the go. Offer your child a variety of nutritious foods that will provide them with the vitamins and minerals they need.
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Allow your child to make the healthy and nutritious decisions. At the store, let your child help choose which vegetables, fruit, or yogurt to buy. They will be more likely to eat the foods that they have selected! Children often love to eat vegetables that they have helped to grow. Plant a garden at your house if you can, grow some vegetables in containers.


Is your child a picky eater. You can help him or her to become less picky! Keep offering a variety of nutritious food and let your child eat the amount he or she wants. Serve very small portions, your child can always ask for more. Don’t give up — offer it again in a day or two. Try again as your child gets older. Many children gradually get less picky as they grow up, if you keep encouraging them to try.

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To be a member of the P.E. Gang students have to complete the P.E. Gang workbook for their grade level. Students have to be asked by their teacher and follow the P.E. Gang motto, which states: I promise to always play fair, work together and encourage others.
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