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Hi! My name is Matthew, but my friends call me M.J. – short for Michael Jordan – my all time favorite basketball player. In Physical Education class, Mr. Fitter taught us how to dribble, pass and shoot the ball. I’m really good at the jump shot – swoosh, there it is!

Mr. Fitter teaches us how important teamwork is, both on and off the basketball court. He says that good teams encourage each other and cooperate to meet their goals, always working together as a team. He also teaches us how to be a good citizen by working together to make the community better.

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To be a member of the P.E. Gang students have to complete the P.E. Gang workbook for their grade level. Students have to be asked by their teacher and follow the P.E. Gang motto, which states: I promise to always play fair, work together and encourage others.
P.E. Gang clubhouse Matthew