Why your child has Physical Education

What is the only subject in school that engages a child’s mind, body, and spirit, promotes their physical and emotional health, helps them to learn better and cultivates the character they need to become productive students and adults?

Answer: Physical Education

Of the many subjects children study in school, there may be none more important than physical education. A high quality P.E. program plays an essential role in the development of a child. Physical education offers children opportunities to develop the skills, concepts, and character needed to be physically active for life. Sufficient, regular physical activity not only helps prevent major diseases but it also promotes learning; reduces stress, anxiety; and improves overall student wellness. However it must be of high quality and aligned with state/national standards and guidelines.

It doesn’t matter if the child excels in every other subject in school and grows up to become a successful doctor/lawyer/engineer/etc., with poor health any professional achievement becomes secondary.

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